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World Premiere Recording
Ricardo Saeb, guitar
World Premiere Recording
John Gilbert, violin, George Work, cello, Mei-Hsuan Huang, piano, Dmitri Shteinberg, piano
Youthful Passions, Samuel Barber World Premier Recording
World Premiere Recording
Daisy Jopling
Powerhouse Violinist, Daisy Jopling and the Daisy Jopling Band release ground breaking CD, Daisy - "Awakening", on Fleur de Son Classics label.

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Daisy -
World Premiere Recording
Amara Piano Quartet
AMARA PIANO QUARTET, World Premiere Recording
New Release
Jacques Isrealievitch, violin & Christina Petrowska Quilico, piano
Mozart Sonatas and Variations, for Violin and Piano, Volume 1
The Dvořák Chamber Orchestra, Kypros Markou, conductor
String Orchestra Gems by Suk and Tchaikovsky
Kimberly Cole, clarinet, Midori Koga, piano, Lindsay Kesselman, soprano
World Premiere Recording
Gaspar Hoyos, flute, David Violi, piano
Absinthe: café music for flute and piano
New Release
Gabriel Chodos, piano
Beethoven, Diabelli Variations
World Premiere Recording
Joel Schoenhals, piano
This groundbreaking artist leaves another stunning contribution. Here is what the critics said about his last recording, Musical Moments (FDS 57993):

"These are rich and romantic readings, beautifully played and recorded. …
Chinese Piano Music
World Premiere Recording
Duo Renard, Mark and Ute Miller
Duos for Violin and Viola, Mozart & Brydern
World Premiere Recording
The Castellani Andriaccio Duo
Anima del Sur, Milongas & Tangos for Two Guitars
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra, Harpsichord
The freedom heard in improvisation was apparent in the performance of the composed music, illustrating a very effective pathway toward understanding of style sought by a player of the present day.”

-American Organist
Bach's Teacher Böhm & Improvisation
World Premiere Recording
Kimberly Cole, clarinet, Midori Koga, piano, Lindsay Kesselman, soprano
Bright Angel, American Works for Clarinet and Piano
World Premiere Recording
David Ward-Steinman, composer
Western Orpheus & Other Works
Jacques Israelievitch, violin , Kanae Matsumoto, piano
 French Sonatas for Violin and Piano
World Premiere Recording
Red Cedar Chamber Music
Red Cedar Sollberger Spillville & Gilead
World Premiere Recording
Michael Colina
Clina: Baba Yaga
Lucia Kye, clarinet Tony Park, piano
John Milbauer, piano
World Premiere Recording
Melia Watras, viola Kimberly Russ, piano
World Premier Recording of works by Ligeti, Wieniawski, Jolas, Enescu and others for Viola and Piano.
Short Stories
74 minutes:
Chapters: Introduction, Joanne, Michael, the Duo, the Guitar Concerto, Luthiers, Arrangements.
Works by Albeniz, Bellinati, Cardoso, Colina, Granados, Haydn, Machado, Marcello, Nazareth, Piazzolla, Sierra, Tárrega, Vivaldi, York and others. Containing performance, interviews, exclusive historic video footage and a special chapter devoted to Luthiers.
The Guitar and a Journey of Two, DVD
Guillermo Figueroa, Violinist with I Solisti Di Zagreb
"Figueroa's stage presence is filled with bravado, energy and numbing confidence, always in control of his instrument. These characteristics connect admirably with Cordero's musical language, his concertos shine for their beauty and rhythmic richness filled with Caribbean flavor".
- Critic Zvonimiv Bajervic, Zagreb, Croatia 2009
 Ínsula and Concertino Tropical, DVD
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra
"Unfailing authority, stylistic savvy and a good deal of élan."
- Fanfare Magazine
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra performs Froberger on the legendary 1658 De Zentis harpsichord
World Premiere Recording
Goyescana, concer to for guitar and orchestra
"Glorious, exquisite playing. I have a kindred spirit in Michael, someone who brings
an authentic Latin/Mediterranean understanding of these melodies and harmonies. I
couldn’t be happier." - Michael Colina
Los Caprichos
"How fine a line between the torturer and the tortured...To the degree that images
convey a story or feeling I immediately hear a corresponding musical world, one that
seemingly co-exists in another dimension with the image." - Michael Colina
Three Cabinets of Wonder Music of Michael Colina
Kim Aseline / clarinet, Eva Stern / viola, Joel Schoenhals / piano
Trios III: for clarinet, viola, and piano
Jan Boland, flute • John Dowdall, guitar • David Miller, viola
Fireflies: Chamber Music by Andrew Earle Simpson
Victor Rosenbaum, Piano
Schubert Sonatas
Michael Andriaccio
Michael Andriaccio Plays Classic Bossa Nova
Deve ser Amor
The Israelievitch Duo
Jacques Israelievitch and Michael Israelievitch
Hammer and Bow
Jan Boland, flute
David Miller, viola
John Dowdall, guitar
Three Guys Named Mo Mozart, Molitor, and Molino
Joel Schoenhals, Piano
Transcribed for Piano by Franz Liszt
Lieder of Franz Schubert
Schubert & Brahms
Gabriel Chodos Piano
Roberto Sierra: "Glosas"
Ravel, Camille Saint-Saëns
Jose Ramos Santana, Piano
Melia Watras
World Premiere Recording
Viola Solo
Works by Arad, Bach, Corigliano, and more.
Melia Watras
The Castellani-Andriaccio Duo
The Early Recordings. Two CD Set.
1685 – A Glorious Trilogy "I am taken by the Duo's poise and taste. Their interpretive insights yield music in the purest sense of the word and they play with a singleness of mind that both illuminates and delights." -Fanfare

Danzas and More "Castellani and Andriaccio just bristle with energy and pack a powerful punch sounding at times more Argentinean than Piazzolla's own New Tango Quintet." -American Record Guide
Castellani & Andriaccio, Duo Guitarists
"Along with power, she has dynamic control, an inborn facility of phrasing and a stunning awareness of architecture that gives very special significance and purpose to all her interpretations."
-- Los Angeles Times
Rebecca Penneys, An Eastman Recital
Rebecca Penneys
"Penneys moves like a dancer, has the strength of an Olympic gymnast and plays the piano like a tamed whirlwind."
--New York Daily News
Rebecca Penneys, Music of the Dance
Jan Boland, flute; John Dowdall, guitar
In celebration of American composers of intimate chamber music, the first part of this disc is a set of seven works written in 1999 to celebrate the new millennium; the second part is filled with blues-inspired classical music for flute & guitar. "The playing and interpretations by Boland and Dowdall are just stunning in their richness, clarity, expressiveness, and ensemble. (The Flute Network, 2004)

The Duo can really swing. (Fanfare, 2004)
Red Cedar Collection, American Music for Flute and Guitar
Award winning American pianist Gabriel Chodos presents his first release as a Fleur de Son recording artist in this stunning recording of two of the piano repertoire's most revered and beloved works.
GABRIEL CHODOS PIANO, Works by Beethoven & Schubert
New Arts Trio
In Recital at Chautauqua
Artists in Residence at the revered Chautauqua Institution, the Trio delivers a romantic yet powerful punch in works by Beethoven, Part, Bloch, Piazzolla and Brahms.
New Arts Trio In Recital at Chautauqua
Rebecca Penneys
Rebecca Penneys made an indelible impression playing music by composer - virtuosos . . . each elegant testimony to a major artist of intelligence, technique and the bravura temperament.
Rebecca Penneys Recital Gems from Chautauqua
These wonderful artists present their first release as Fleur de Son Recording artists in this stunning recital of the voice and guitar repertoire's most revered and beloved works.

Stucky/Henderson Duo
Mary Henderson, mezzo-soprano
Rodney Stucky, guitarist
Come Where the Aspens Quiver… bring your guitar
Joanne Castellani and Michael Andriaccio
(World Premiere Recording)
Joanne Castellani & Michael Andriaccio
"One of the greatest guitar duos of our time"
Les Cahiers (France)
"Best of the Year" Fanfare Magazine.
Award winning American composer, Richard Sierra, presents his second release as a Fleur de Son recording artist in this hauntingly beautiful collection of scores based upon ancient Sefardic texts of Spain and Latin America.
CANCIONERO: Chamber Music of Roberto Sierra
Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano
"Kristian Bezuidenhout is a terrific pianist . . . a fearless young musician who will likely change our view of many of the standard compositions in the years to come."
Malcom Bilson
Laurence Trott, Piccolo
"Mr. Trott's playing was dulcet and plaintive; it was also admirably true to pitch, flexibly phrased and agile."
New York Times
"World Premiere Recording"
"Cello Concerto"
"Cinnabar Concerto" for Viola & Chamber Orchestra
"Chroma Concerto" for Multiple Keyboards, Percussion & Chamber Orchestra
Matiegka & Beethoven: Trios for Flute, Viola & Guitar
Jan Boland, flute, John Dowdall, guitar, David Miller, viola
The same trio that brought you "Matiegka: Czech Chamber Music" (FDS 57927) named "Best of the Year" by American Record Guide
David Reeves, piano
"Sensitive and stylistically impeccable, Griffes has a formidable champion in this pianist."
Griffes, Palmgren, Dederich, Bachelet & Castelnuovo-Tedesco.
Jacques Israelievitch, violin
Judy Lomas, harp
Stéphane Lemelin, piano
Michael Israelievitch, percussion
Wieniawski, Colgrass, Dvorák-Kreisler, Schoenberg, Schubert & Saint-Saëns.
Laurence Trott, piccolo
"This is classical 'easy listening' music that respects both the ears and brain."
- Classical Net
Bonita Boyd, flute
"A flabbergasting account of her talent"
- New York Times
Paganini - 24 Caprices
Rebecca Penneys, Piano
"She is a genius of the piano!"
- Express Wiezcary, Warsaw
All Brahms
Leanne Rees
This virtuoso American pianist takes us on a lyrical yet articulate journey through some of the most interesting literature for the piano, exploring musical ideas and personal relationships of women composers. The wonderful disc features works by Martinez & Haydn, Mendelssohn & Mendelssohn, Schumann & Brahms, Diemer & Graves as well as Leanne Rees herself.
Women Composers and the Men in their Lives
Nadia & Vladimir Zaitsev
Fleur de Son Classics is delighted to welcome this virtuoso piano team to our roster of distinguished recording artists in this beautifully presented collection of rare American piano music for four hands. Virtually all of this material is recorded for the first time in these original arrangements making this wonderful release a musically historical event
American Souvenirs, Piano Music for Four Hands
David Ward-Steinman
American composer David Ward-Steinman takes us on an exotic journey in his award winning style.
Borobudur - Prisms and Reflections
David Kuehn, Trumpet and Persis Vehar, piano
A world premier recording of Persis Vehar's 'Sound Piece' for Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet and Piano.
Musical Landscapes for Trumpet, David Kuehn
New Arts Trio
"The New Arts is an international group: two Israeli string players, one of whom is first cellist in the Buffalo Philharmonic (lucky Buffalo) and an American pianist from the Eastman School. Is it Jewish soul that makes their performance seem so right? It is never too indulgent, but it is warm and caressing . . . These people are profoundly musical, and their playing is polished and refined and never lacking in feeling. In fact, they are much more refined that the full-throated Borodin Trio" -American Record

" Don't let this sleeper CD pass you by. It's loaded with charm and expert musicianship."
Classical Net
Beethoven Piano Trios
The repertoire for this compact disc recording was selected to complement the instruments from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Features the work of Jean Luis Tulou, Haydn, Schubert, and many others.Jan Boland, flute
John Dowdall, guitar, Amy Boland, flute
Crystal to Gold Precious Flutes and Guitars
New Arts Trio
"Style is the Soul" in this definitive CD of Arensky's Opus 32 & 73 and the NEW ARTS TRIO delivers in grand style.

" . . . a sparkling performance of a work which is one of the most persuasive 'missionary' works in the chamber literature."
Herman Trotter
Arensky Trios, Opus 32 & 73
'Music for violin and piano chosen by children for children'
Jacques Israelievitch Suite Enfantine
What a find! . . . one of the most enchanting discs I have heard in a while. The recording is warm and natural . . . chamber music should be just like this - intimate, bonding and conversational . . . . American Record Guide
Matiegka - Czech Chamber Music
This is a collection of delightful French miniatures. Israelievitch has a full tone and an engaging personality. He is very musical and never strives for virtuoso effect, and his playing is obviously from the heart . . . . American Record Guide
Suite Francaise - Jacques Israelievitch
"Lipsky's direction is sure and idiomatic, the record sound is first rate. Israelievitch's expressive arsenal includes portamentos at which even Elman might have blushed. The Fleur de Son collection of Bruch is a welcome addition to his undeservingly meager discography. We'll just have to recommend this recording and hope for more." . . . Fanfare
The Romance and Rhapsody of Max Bruch
"This is sturdy, melodious material . . . richly enjoyable and splendidly sung with idiomatic instrumental accompaniment." . . . The Washington Post
An American Idyll
The St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra of Lithuania / Arie Lipsky, Conductor
Arie Lipsky imbues these delightful pieces with a sparkle and sheen. . . American Record Guide
SCHUBERT: Overtures
Performed by The Castellani-Andriaccio Duo
The sound is startling in its realism. The performances are beyond reproach. They play with technical accomplishment and a deep sense of musicallity." . . . Fanfare
HAYDN/de Fossa: Grand Duos for Two Guitars
The St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra of Lithuania / Arie Lipsky, Conductor
Roberto Sierra: Concerto Premieres
"The recorded sound is excellent and the performances have a rhythmic elan and can be considered authoritative. This is a keeper and comes with the highest recommendation."
. . . Fanfare
Roberto Sierra: Concerto Premieres
Performed by The Bergonzi String Quartet
"The recorded sound is excellent - the charm and grace of the music are well preserved in this buoyant reading. This disc can be heartily recommended." . . . Fanfare
The Bergonzi String Quartet
Performed by The Castellani-Andriaccio Duo
Under the Palms

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